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ODM Collections Ltd is a company specialized in receivables management by providing services of debt collection and debt purchase. With professional and tailor - made approach to each client, by implementing newest technologies and innovative business solutions, we provide efficient collection without any reputational or financial risks.
Company is founded in 2013 and in brief period we have gained trust and confidence of many renowned clients from different markets and industries, and we became their reliable partner in receivables management. We fulfill high professional standards by continuous improvement of procedures and investment in education of our employees.
Our team has the knowledge and years of experience in the field of business law, sales, finance, and provides professional and consistent work on your portfolio. The principle "no recovery – no fee" is always applied, which reduces the costs and risk of failure in out-of-court and court collection. We provide consulting services for our clients by offering the best solutions for claims portfolio and detecting the possibility of improving the collection process within the company.
We are prepared to represent you at all stages of collection process of due claims, written off receivables and claims in court proceedings. The flow of collection is adjusted to the type of claims and characteristics of the debtor and the client, respecting the rights and protecting the interests of all involved parties.
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With the purchase of receivables, we are relieving your business: you receive your money immediately and we take the risk of non-collection. Sales of due receivables is an increasingly popular strategy for organizations that want to streamline cash flows and increase liquidity instantly.
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Efficient debt collection improves the financial discipline of your clients and reduce the non-performing portfolio. By increasing the collection rate we positively influence the business improvement, both for the individual and for the entire business environment.
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- call center is engaged in all stages of billing
- invoice tracking
- early collection phase
- collection by court process
- debt Purchase

Clients are center of our business

We strive to understand your business, your clients and your market. ODM is guided by the highest principle of making our team work as your team. By providing a high level of flexibility, pragmatism, analytics and dedication, mutual trust is being built. We are applying professional and practical knowledge when considering the needs of clients from the financial, legal, PR and socially responsible aspect.
In this manner, we are stepping out of the pattern of the simple relationship between the seller and the buyer, which exclusively refers to the financial part of the cooperation, while neglecting all other aspects, which are also important for the successful business of both sides.


Without initial costs for client

By applying the principle “no recovery no fee ”, we reduce your costs and risk of unsuccessful court and out-of-court collection.

Extensive experience

Our team has the knowledge and many years of experience in the field of corporate law, finance and many other areas of business, and provides professional and consistent work on your portfolio.

As your representative, we strive to maintain the highest level of professional attitude towards your clients.

Consulting services

We offer the best solutions for your receivables portfolio and we detect the possibilities of improving the process within your company.


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